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Forte de ses 57 ans d’expérience, Junior ESSEC réalise chaque année plus de 250 études en employant des méthodologies variées. Celles-ci interviennent dans le cadre de projets plus larges : études de potentiel, études de marché, enquêtes de satisfaction, veilles, enquêtes sur l’image de marque, deals et rachats, levées de fonds ou encore créations d’entreprises.

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Our methodology

Junior ESSEC regularly carries out quantitative studies in different ways:

  • Administration of questionnaires by telephone and / or sending campaigns of e-mails,
  • Administration of questionnaires in face-to-face,
  • Administration of questionnaires via an online panel.

The Project Managers of Junior ESSEC are able to mobilize many investigators as well as various panelists to ensure the administration of a large volume of questionnaires in a very short time, both in France and abroad. These significant resources also allow us to administer questionnaires to very specific and difficult to reach targets.

Carrying out a satisfaction survey among Shell customers

Administration of 1,000 questionnaires over a 6-week period in nearly 20 gas stations in France

Carrying out a survey on food waste in collective catering

Administration via an online panel of 1,550 questionnaires to professionals and students in Ireland, United Kingdom, United States and Canada

Conducting a survey on training for manual trades

Administration of 1,200 questionnaires by e-mail and telephone to professionals in the bakery, carpentry, metalwork, painting, plasterwork, upholstery, upholstery-trimmings and stone cutting

Junior ESSEC has extensive experience in carrying out qualitative studies, by telephone as well as face-to-face.

Project Managers can take advantage of a student approach in order to convince their interlocutors, previously targeted according to their position, to grant them time to discuss with them on specific issues, during interviews lasting from fifteen minutes to over an hour.

Conducted 50 one-hour interviews in French, English, Italian and Spanish with asset managers, asset owners and asset servicers

Conducting a survey on training for manual trades

Realization of 8 focus groups with young people in training at the Compagnons du Devoir in order to rethink their training

Junior ESSEC has the opportunity to carry out numerous documentary research each year on a wide variety of themes.

This work allowed Junior ESSEC to acquire a solid experience in carrying out market research, in particular on subjects requiring technical knowledge and on niche or confidential markets. They are able to mobilize the ESSEC network (former students working in the sector, professors, chair students, etc.) and specialized databases provided by the school in order to have insights specific to the target market.

Conducting a study of the purchase order market in Île-de-France

Documentary research on the short, long and medium-term impact of recent measures taken around social housing (Élan law, reduction of APL, etc.)

Production of a white paper on French companies serving diabetic patients

Documentary research and mapping of French actors supporting people with diabetes

Junior ESSEC carries out more than 30 benchmarks per year for players of all sizes (start-ups, SMEs, large groups) and in all possible markets.

These collaborations have led Junior ESSEC to develop a strong expertise in this field, in particular in the development of specialized benchmark grids for specific actors. Junior ESSEC relies on numerous specialized databases which offer the possibility of developing an in-depth analysis of financial data, of the location of companies and their strategy.

Conducted a study on food waste in France

Benchmark of 25 solutions for the recovery of unsold food in France

Carrying out a market study on the stainless steel bar and bar equipment segment

Benchmark of 10 market players (fitters, kitchen designers, designers, etc.)

Carrying out a market study on the ultra-premium honey segment

Benchmark of 5 market players on an international scale

Junior ESSEC is regularly called upon to mobilize investigators throughout France and abroad as part of store-checks and mystery shopping.

First, the Project Managers set up a customer journey to respect which they then pass on to their investigators. Thus, store-checks and mystery tours have been carried out in dozens of countries around the world, for various actors wishing to study their competition or audit their own establishments.

Study on the market for natural cosmetic products sold in pharmacies

Carrying out 64 store-checks in 26 different countries

Conduct of a study on the distribution habits of a specific brand

Realization of 30 store-checks in France and Germany


Carrying out an internal satisfaction survey

Carrying out 40 mystery visits to healthcare establishments throughout France

Junior ESSEC every year assists many entrepreneurs and companies in the development of business plan financial and pitch decks.

The Project Managers develop with their sponsors precise and viable assumptions for each project before establishing the financial statements (balance sheet, free cash flow, P&L) of the business plan. They then produce a presentation document (pitch deck) intended for banks and private and public investors in view of a fundraising. Junior ESSEC thus contributed to the launch of many activities which are now booming.

The neighborhood agency is an organization aimed at training neighborhood youth in information professions

Development of a 5-year financial business plan and pitch deck for potential investors as part of fundraising

Gimbl is a streaming interface aimed at developing streamer / viewers interactions

Development of a 5-year financial business plan and pitch deck for potential investors as part of fundraising

Junior ESSEC has the opportunity to support each year companies wishing to work on launch of a new offer or change in their strategy or their identity brand.

The development of a communication plan allows the company to identify and use the communication channels most likely to reach its customers and potential prospects, as well as highlighting its strengths and peculiarities.


Study prior to the establishment of a national network of electric charging stations

Development of a communication strategy for the launch of the project

Study on the employer brand and the attractiveness of the Economic and Financial Ministries

Development of an attractiveness strategy for the General Secretariat of the Economic and Financial Ministries

Junior ESSEC is regularly mandated to carry out internal company audits as well as pre-audits in order to obtain certifications from competent bodies.

The Project Managers meet then various interlocutors of the audited companies and immerse themselves in the daily life of a member of the company to understand the difficulties and remedy them. At the end of each audit, Junior ESSEC writes a report including numerous conclusions and observations as well as operational recommendations making it possible to respond to the company's problematic and to advise it on the procedure to follow.

Carrying out the internal audit of around 40 pharmacies per year

Recruitment of pairs of investigators for the administration of 150 questionnaires per pharmacy throughout France

Carrying out an internal audit aimed at enhancing the organization's urban river logistics offer

Conduct of 10 qualitative face-to-face interviews with members of HAROPA - Ports of Paris (agency directors, project managers, etc.)

Junior ESSEC usually supports companies in carrying out extensive documentary research on very specific issues within the framework of regulatory and / or strategic watches.

The Project Managers benefit for this from all the resources and databases made available to them by ESSEC (Xerfi, MarketLine, Orbis, Diane, Capital IQ, etc.) as well as the expertise of specialized students (students following a double-diploma in law in particular). These watches can last for periods ranging from a few weeks to several months.


 Carrying out a regulatory watch on security measures

Monitoring the security measures implemented in public places in response to the COVID-19 epidemic


Carrying out regulatory and strategic monitoring in the health sector

Monitoring of 5 countries (United States, China, Japan, Turkey and Iran) for the Competitive Intelligence department of a large French laboratory


Carrying out a regulatory watch on food packaging in mass distribution

Monitoring of the publication of the AGEC law on the circular economy and food waste